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26 Inches Long Pink Queen Colors Fashion Wig with Bangs LC6018 [SV]

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??Farewell to the Salon??The knotless box braided wig is easy to install and just as natural as the braids you make after a few hours in the salon. You will no longer need box braided lace wigs that sit for long periods! Whether you are busy or not, you need to own this Lace Front Twist Braided Wig as it will save you time and money, avoid the pain of doing hair in the salon, and reduce the risk of hair loss.
??Natural Parting with Oversized Lace Area??The knotless box braid wig with an oversized lace area allows you to separate the braids naturally and easily create any look you want, such as high ponytails, bun buns, mid-section, side sections, etc. . The hyper-realistic look creates the illusion that you spent hours braiding your hair and walking out of the salon! Natural fringes and beautiful baby hair for a seamless hairline transition. Buyers will trim baby hair and excess lace.
??High Quality Material??Super light synthetic fiber imported from Japan. The thickness is just right and the texture is super soft and tangle-free. Extra long lace part and Swiss soft ear to ear lace front black braided wig is suitable for light skinned women and looks very realistic and the lace is not itchy at all. Divided space throughout the front area, the transition from front to back is very clean with no bumps, bumps or gaps.
??Length, Weight and Hat Size??The wig is about 26 inches long and weighs 14.9 ounces. Our branded cap measures 21.5-22", ear-to-ear 13.5"-13.75", front and rear 14"-14.5" to fit most head shapes. A flexible mesh cap with the comb and adjustable shoulder straps is comfortable and secure for every head Occasion or everyday use. It is the perfect protective style for all hair types.
??Reminder??Please wash your braided wig in warm or cold water with shampoo. Never wash a wig in steaming hot water as this can cause the braids to look split, and since braided wigs are synthetic, washing in hot water can damage the fibers and your braids will fall out. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will reply as soon as possible.