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26 Inches Long Wavy Grey Wig LC474 [Slan-M]

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Latest Beauty: Complement your beauty with this color-shifting wig with loose curls. You'll be surprised how much praise and confidence it brings
Heat Resistant Synthetic Wig: This grey gradient curly wig is made of 100% high quality synthetic fibers, it looks natural, feels soft to the touch, and its skin-friendly properties will give you a more comfortable wearing experience.
MULTIPLE OCCASIONS: The 24" Grey Gradient Women's Wig is suitable for every occasion you want: everyday use, themed parties, TV shows, just want a new hairstyle or any other occasion, this long curly wig is also a surprise for your gift friends
Adjustable Hat: This long hair wig fits most head sizes and shapes. Comes with stretchy, breathable rose mesh and an adjustable waistband. You can loosen or tighten the wig for maximum comfort. Grey ombr¨¦ curly wig to keep you looking beautiful all the time!
Intimate service: We have a 100% warranty policy, if you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us, your questions are our motivation to do better. Thanks!
About tangles: It's normal for this gray ombr¨¦ long wig to get tangled, and you can use a wide-tooth comb from the ends to work your way up. If you still can't comb, mix the conditioner and water in a spray bottle, spray the water on the wig, and use the comb to comb the wig slowly. If the wig is heavily tangled and there is no way to comb the wig, use scissors to cut off a small portion of the wig.