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Omber Wig, 26 Inches Long Wavy Fashion Wig LC458 [Slan-M]

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  • $29.95
  • $59.95


1. PREMIUM WIG: This color gradient wig is made of 100% high-quality heat-resistant friendly fiber, it is a good synthetic wig, soft and smooth. We offer 26" long haircuts.
2. Wearing feeling: comfortable and light. The easy-to-use wig and breathable mesh cap make it comfortable to wear. Bring you more compliments.
3. Shipping and Shipping: Most regions will receive the wig within 5 working days, you can also choose other shipping companies we provide.
4. Worry-free return and re-selection: We provide 30-day no-reason return service, if you have any questions, you can contact us at any time, and our after-sales staff will solve your problem.
5. Wrap and straighten hair at the right temperature