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Ombre Wig, 26 Inches Long Wavy Fashion Wig with Hair Bangs LC373 [Slan-M]

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  • $29.95
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¡¼High-quality synthetic wigs¡½The wigs are made of protein silk and super soft fibers - the raw materials closest to human hair, and have the look and feel of human hair; this allows the wig to be used for a long time, look natural, and feel soft. You can barely tell it apart from human hair.
¡¼5-inch lace parting:¡½ The 5-inch parting space, the soft and transparent lace on the front, perfectly blends with the natural skin tone.
¡¼Lace Frontline:¡½The hairline of the wig consists of 1 inch of hand-knotted lace. Lace is one of the most important parts on this wig. It stimulates the natural growth of hair as if it were coming out of your natural scalp. The front lace also gives you the freedom to part your hair on any lace you like and gives you more versatility.
¡¼Baby Hair:¡½ We make sure that this wig has plenty of baby hair on the hairline to ensure the most natural and beautiful hairline.
¡¼Wig cap¡½ The circumference of the wig cap is about 22-23 inches. It is also designed with three safety combs and two adjustable shoulder straps if any hat adjustments are required.