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Wig Care

Synthetic Wig Care

Our wigs are made of high-quality heat-resistant synthetic fibers, which is an excellent wig fiber m. It enables the wig to be used for a long time, with a natural look, soft touch, easy combing, and less shedding, and tangles.

Taking proper care of your wig is essential in order to maintain its intended style and keep your wig looking great longer. Below are our expert tips to help guide you on how to take care of a wig:

Washing and Conditioning Wigs:

  • You’ll need to clean it regularly with specially designed shampoo and conditioner. We highly suggest you clean your wig every 20 uses or every month.
  • Yes, you can wash synthetic wigs but we recommend only using wig shampoo and conditioner  specially formulated to clean fibers gently and thoroughly. Regular hair care products may contain chemicals that can damage synthetic wigs so we do not recommend using regular shampoo or conditioner to wash your wigs.
  • Use a wide-tooth comb to smooth the wig hair before washing. Take care not to pull or stretch the hair fibers.
  • Fill a basin with cool water and add some specially designed shampoo. Dunk the wig in the water and let it sit for a few minutes.
  • One thing that you want to avoid doing when washing your hair is excessive rubbing and lathering, which could quickly lead to tangling.
  • C key to keeping your wigs and extensions in tip-top shape. Your conditioner doesn’t have to be heavy, but it should be hydrating enough to ease detangling.
  • When it comes to the rise part. Try to keep the flow of the water running with the wig’s hair shape, so the hair doesn’t tangle. Then, take the wig out of the water and refill the basin with clean, cool water. Swish the wig again until all the shampoo and conditioner are washed out.
  • Blot the wig with a towel and place it on a wig stand or towel to air dry. Don’t use heat on a synthetic wig.
  • Once your wig is dry, spray it with a detangler or hair sheen product, combing the product through the fibers. You can style your wig with brush rollers or your fingers while it’s still damp. Sometimes, you can style a synthetic hair wig by gently shaking it, too.

 Things you need to know:

  • Avoid contact with heat from boiling water, a preheated oven, curling iron, blow dryer, clothes dryer, open fires, and BBQ grill.
  • Avoid rubbing against things that create friction
  • Avoid rubbing, twisting, or wringing your wig.
  • Avoid brushing or touching your wig when it is wet from water, steam, rain, snow, excessive spraying, or perspiration.
  • Placing a wet wig on a styrofoam head or a blockhead can stretch and ruin the wig cap. Avoid using heat tools on wigs.
  • Use wig shampoo and other wig care products that are formulated specifically for wig fibers.
  • Use wig conditioner regularly to help soften dryness and bring out the luster and mobility of the fiber. The conditioner will also help restore the original style pattern of the wig.
  • Air dry your wig by hanging it loosely on a wig stand or spray can ensure healthy-looking, manageable fibers.

Our wig care products:

Cozzyzone offers a variety of wig care products to help you extend the life of your wig. You can shop for shampoo, conditioner, styling products, and so many more! View all wig care products by clicking here.