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N130 | L size | 10Pcs | Complete Gel Nail Kit | Easy Stick-On Application | Full Cover Manicure Set with Acrylic Nails

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1. Salon-Quality Results: Achieve professional-looking gel manicures at home with our full cover nail kit. Its high-quality acrylic formula guarantees a durable and long-lasting wear for stunning nails.

2. Easy Application: Our stick-on nails provide a convenient and swift manicure experience. Just peel, stick, and press onto your natural nails for an instant salon-worthy look. No need to worry about messy and time-consuming application procedures.

3. Versatile Designs: With a range of trendy and stylish designs to choose from, our manicure set offers a variety of options for all occasions. From classic and elegant to bold and eye-catching, there's a design that fits your personal style.

4. Strong and Comfortable Wear: The full cover design offers a secure and comfortable wear, ensuring your nails stay intact throughout the day. Whether you're typing, texting, or doing household chores, our nails will stay in place without any inconvenience.

5. Adhesive Included: Our nail kit includes adhesive glue, allowing for easy and fuss-free application. Whether you're a beginner or a nail enthusiast, our kit provides all the essentials you need for beautiful and flawless nails at home.