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Tress Guard | Beige Lace WiGrip Headband

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Product Name: Velvet Lace Wig Band Beige
Material: High-quality velvet
Size: Approx. 53.5cm-54.5cm*5.5cm (natural product length), stretchable length?
Weight: 18-20g/PC

 Provides maximum comfort
 Premium quality and durability
 Lightweight for a comfortable feel
 Fits most head sizes seamlessly
 Suitable for natural hair of varying lengths
 Protects hairline from damage

| Technical Information | Benefits |

| Material: High-quality velvet | Provides maximum comfort for prolonged use |

| Size: Approx. 53.5cm-54.5cm*5.5cm (natural product length) | Fits most head sizes seamlessly, ensuring a secure fit |

| Weight: 18-20g/PC | Lightweight for a comfortable feel, ideal for extended wear |

| Suitable for natural hair of varying lengths | Protects hairline from damage, keeping natural hair healthy |

The Velvet Lace Wig Band Beige offers maximum comfort, a premium quality and durable material, and a lightweight design that fits most head sizes seamlessly. It is also suitable for natural hair of varying lengths and protects the hairline from damage.