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Hair Charm Band | Wig Grip Bands for Keeping Wigs in Place

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  • $4.95
  • $19.99


NON-SLIP: The benefit of scientific design and special material, the wig grip can secure your wig/hat/scarf without glues or tapes, and you will not be hassled by wearing it all day.

BREATHABLE: This wig grip is made of quality velvet, thin breathable material that gives you cool wear and avoids muggy, especially in summer. A row of precise stitches sewn on the top ensures durable use and always keeps it breathable.

COMFORTABLE: Adjustable design eliminates irritation and headaches from traditional wig fasteners and prevents bald spots. It can also be used as a workout buddy while in the gym or while playing sports and other activities.

ONE SIZE FITS ALL: with a long adjustable hoop loop fastener design and elastic cloth, it can suit most head sizes.

MULTIPLE STYLE AVAILABLE: We provide a variety of colors and styles of wig grips to match your skin colors and wigs, feel free to contact us to get your best solution.