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Yoga Mat, 1/4 inch Thick Yoga Mat Double-Sided Non Slip Eco Friendly Fitness Exercise Mat with Strap Professional TPE Yoga Mats for Women Men, Workout Mat for Yoga, Pilates and Floor Exercise

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  • $29.99


  • Non-slip: the fabric TOPLUS yoga mat is made of PU material, when you exercise, your hands are dry or wet, it can achieve the best anti-slip effect. No matter what kind of yoga you practice, you can always keep your movements during the workout. This product is a perfect gymnastics mat for various forms of yoga both indoor and outdoor.
  • PU & TEP Composites: more cost-effective than PVC or NBR material, suitable thickness, environmentally friendly and recyclable. Adopt one-piece molding process, no glue bonding. Compared with the traditional glue hot-melt process, it is more durable, does not crack, the light smell can be dissipated by ventilation. And the material of the workout mats meets the SGS standard.
  • Comfortable & Shock absorbing: TOPLUS yoga mat feature premium quality cushioning to absorb impact, it can protect joints and effectively prevent sports injuries. With High-cost material, our products will rebound quickly, are not easy to dent and resistant to tearing. High-quality materials and craftsmanship make the mat more durable.
  • Lightweight & Easy to carry: Our fitness mat weighs 1.35kg and has a compact shape that can be easily and quickly rolled up for storage. We will give you a free strap, which you can carry comfortably on your shoulders and easily carry it to your workout area.
  • Easy to clean: With a waterproof and quick-drying surface, the gym mat is easy to clean, just moisten the cloth with water and squeeze out the excess water to wipe. But do not use tea tree oil or oily cleaning products. We recommend that you clean and ventilate immediately after use to prevent bacterial growth.